Silence Speaks

Turn up the volume, and press play.

“Say hello to my little friend!”

Did you ever watch “Scarface”? Classic lines – all a man has in this world is his balls and his word. Forget breaking them; these days, they get left on “read”!

Still empty promises, you will be reading this again. One big misunderstanding, millennials swipe left on love.

An addiction – this is actually dope, I mean deep. We use humor, sarcasm, cold fronts, cockiness, or other dummy means as a barrier to our deeper layers. No hard feelings. Actually, no feelings at all. We build a wall with intentions of making others pay for it; it’s the American way! Jokes are best with some truth, and the truth gets better leaving jokes in the past. We all pay…”Sad!”

My apologies, moving on – focus! Some people feel like they have the whole world on their shoulders. I wouldn’t want it any other way. This is another quick trip into the deep end. If you take anything from this at all – don’t think too much, dive in.

I finished writing Lost ones found, then came a vision of her eyes. She can heal the world when she smiles.

A piece of my peace – Love.

Look, it’s exhausting isn’t it? We’re tired of people telling us how to tie and walk in our shoes. How to live and how to love – they don’t know our truth. They’re in our TV, our phones, at work, family, friends, and our homes. They don’t know what weighs on our conscience, or what fuels the fire that burns inside. The heart wants what it wants. We were always taught to follow it, but learn through failure, loss, or heartbreak that our path depends on how we handle our thoughts with those pains.

Then one day she hit me, Love. We were in over our heads, gasping for air. I slipped a couple times around her, but not like this. “Breathe in the blessings, breathe out the doubt”, she whispered.

On the coldest night, the scars she fed turned to strengths, and this love she spilled allowed an embrace of pain. I could be on top of the world, or going through hell, she shows that heaven on earth could be a smile away. I smile because I will, always.

We try to build the good life, and I’m trying to build all around and after mine. Over-saturation of people and content; minds get mixed up, and noise causes confusion, but the soul will always highlight the play of the heart. You were born to feel that way, so fly with me again. Do you know what love is?

Just warming up. You might not know until you lose her, or maybe she can never be lost. But first, sit down; be humble. Humility lies in her understanding.

An unconditional, self and reciprocated appreciation and acceptance, and yet they label her crazy. Accepting what is, working towards what’s best, and trusting she’s returned in your name. Communication is the bridge to her trust, and not every ramp on or off is built the same. You ever take the GW into Jersey? Wrong turns, but we figure it out. Love could never be lost. You either run out of time, or you never walked together. Keep asking, are we on the same page?

Loaded words, “I’m different” tatted on every forehead. I feel the world numb those nerves. She’s loyal to verbs, seek attention to action. Every ego takes an L up front. Cut any losses and build blocks with her all the way up. If it all comes tumbling down, we find her light in whatever is left to stay. We stay, some too long, but others keep running on, only confusing her for pain. They both can make you sleepless, so speak nice with her conversation in your head. We always forgive when love is real. Her promise remains, it will be okay.

Easily consumed, her kindness removes all doubt. Feeling her energy, we admire the careful empathy. She’s infinitely selfless and collects every piece of you that drifted away. She arrives to set you free, and yet, never lets go. She’s free of judgement because we’re all different, yet one in the same.

I don’t desire a day unless her smile begins it – a peace of my mind. Once again – with a silent mind, the soul accentuates the fate of the heart.

She never drowns a passion that is not her own, and somewhere along that sacrifice, she became you. The pure bliss in your presence. A sixth sense, a missing link to the divine. They all fly down with your heavenly laugh and smile; a heart skips over a glance in your eyes.

If you’re broken down about the past, or lost in the now, it all starts within. So instead of counting on strangers, give your own heart beat a jump. Let it light up the sky like his only Sun. I caught a glimpse of a soul eclipse, sharing our worlds like they were always one.

It’s a blessing to feel; acceptance of what is, a Love true. Creating a world of happiness starts in you.

In her silence.

Damn, that was serious. You’re okay!

Blind writing, I wonder if I was painting pictures, making music, or maybe moving a soul or two. Where’s the love?

Too busy, it becomes easy to judge or doubt. We doubt ourselves, each other, entire groups of people and it eventually turns to hate. It’s like her love, it just breeds more. We build tough exteriors confusing it for strength, but the truth is we’re actually soft now, shying away from what might spark some more profound life experiences.

I’m talking about love in all forms. In a partner, pursuit of a dream, yourself, work, friends, family, or even in humble exchanges with strangers. It’s a feeling of healing, and nevermind us or those around us, what if those in power gave it more? It just might heal the world. Hate and greed are out here putting in overtime though.

It just seems that we’re pre-conditioned to keep going and keep producing to a point we are spread so thin that we make internal sacrifices. We regress to caring less about connecting at more visceral levels with ourselves or others. Hearts on instagram posts are as far as it goes nowadays. Viral, it spreads quick, and real life takes a hit. We can actually see the compounding external consequences around us in society.

Where’s the love? Broken homes, families shattered in shootings at schools, depression rates among youth higher than ever, and why, for the love of God, are skin color, gender, or sexuality still a divide in such a “progressive” culture? Maybe they want it that way. “Whatever, we have freedom and a great quality of life in comparison to those in poverty or the third world.” She doesn’t like comparing pains, but it’s true. Change for the better is always necessary though. Nevermind the Keeping up with the Trumps, have you watched the #fakenews lately or some regular primetime television? The stabbings, shootings, one tragic story after the other, normalizing violence while desensitizing us all. None of that was allowed on TV a few generations back. Normal for this one, real lives become an exception to the rule of phones. A broken system lined with socially constructed anaesthetics slowly taking true feeling and connection out of humanity. How many times have you agreed to keep in touch with someone, and since then, you’ve been out of it? That’s who we are now, careless and out of touch.


No easy solutions, but scars are scars. Hide them, cover them up, or embrace them as realities. That’s what they are. As one person in one family of one people, healing starts with acceptance. Love in our hearts and at home. One love runs deep.

It’s why I said “dive in”. If your hurting, working, or turning up, pour some love on it with your time. Make a splash in this world, and sit back and watch the waves when you can. Even if they move just one. Thankful for it all.