Go with the flow they said.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A star, what do you think? Some answer with lawyer, doctor, teacher, and model. Actually more actors, actresses, artists, and athletes. Lot of A’s, so we strive for them until we have it all.

Work hard, follow your dreams, and find your passion. Confronting struggle or failure along the way, some lose hope. Then find it in acceptance and change towards healing and growth. We all have a fire of sorts, or ambitions of greater success, but few have the courage to pursue them. To each their own in this society; unfortunately, most people are suspended in settlement, slowly drifting away every day.

Work, bills, relationships, self-love or lack thereof, we stop living when stress boils over our blessings. Quite frankly, it’s a shame to those that are stripped of any chance at a fair shake.  Grateful for this chance, I cannot look back at life and say I didn’t try. If any part of it isn’t real, I don’t want a part in it. Career, friends, and loved ones, all the things that were never meant for me usually had a similar play. Cloud and consume my energy, I’d pause, assess, and recognize less of me; I save my peace and walk away.

We have a love/hate with the struggle.  It’s real, so it’s here to stay. Trapped in anxiety over the future or mistakes of the past, the mind winds up, too tense to rest or assess what’s best. Embracing changes, we adapt or we don’t, don’t let the dream fade.

Life’s ups and downs will take you out at the knees, cover your eyes, pull you from the darkness, and through to the skies. It brings you clarity and strength, yet down your cheeks, tears weep. In who do you confide?

I have you.

In any moment, you may come across a big decision with uncertainty.  Determining your desires from your needs, choose you. Your values and beliefs will stand tested in time, resonating strongly when you decide. The things you can’t live without prove your love within so follow that until there is you. Souls out, a little more complete, a little more you, following your heart was all true.

So listen close. Dreams change, or stay the same, and so do you. I’m chasing the best version of me, and I hope I see, more of you.

The real you.

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